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Health Insurance—How to Navigate the Marketplace

HealthyEven the most routine medical care can cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Anyone who needs care shouldn’t have to choose between paying the bills and going to the doctor. That’s what health insurance is for. Your plan will allow you to seek treatment whenever you need it.

Still, which type of plan is right for you? Everyone has different needs, so your insurance should reflect those. Keep some of these common terms in mind when talking to your agent about coverage.

  • Fee-for-Service Plans: With these plans, you visit a doctor of your choice. Your insurer (or you, in some cases) pays the physician directly. If you pay the doctor, your insurer will reimburse you.
  • HMOs: With an HMO, you use a doctor who accepts your particular insurance plan. This is called visiting an in-network physician. Doctors in HMO networks often lower their costs for those with these plans. You designate that doctor as your primary care provider. If you seek care outside your network, the services likely won’t have coverage.
  • PPOs: These plans offer flexibility in choosing doctors and hospitals. However, PPO doctors are also often in an insurance network as well. The in-network physicians will usually provide the lowest-cost care. Still, with PPOs, you can often see doctors outside your network.
  • POS Plans: Like an HMO, you have a preferred network of physicians on your plan. However, like a PPO, you can seek care outside of the network. Going outside the network means you’ll likely face the highest costs of care.
  • Long-Term Care: Many people face a time where they might need ongoing, or constant medical attention. Long-term care plans cover everyday-living care that many people receive at nursing homes, adult day cares or at home. These plans might last for long periods, or only temporarily.
  • Disability Insurance: If you become temporarily or permanently disabled, this plan can help supplement your income. Disability plans come with short-term or long-term options. Each type of coverage will vary based on your qualifications.
  • Co-payments: This is a small supplementary fee you pay for certain services. You usually submit it when you go for your appointment. Most health plans come with co-payments.
  • Deductibles: Some plans or services come with deductibles. With a deductible, you’ll pay most of your costs for certain care until you pay off this amount of money. Afterwards, your plan will cover the rest of your costs. Keep in mind, you can still often receive covered care without having met the deductible.

The law requires most health insurance plans to cover services like surgery, hospitalizations and prescription drugs. As a result, you will likely pay comparatively little for your care. Remember, though, that specific policy rules will define how much you specifically pay. Therefore, ask your TVC Insurance agent to help you determine the policy that’s best for your needs.

Life Insurance

You make an income, you provide for your family. You even owe money to others. So what if something happens to you? Your death doesn’t mean expenses dry up.

When you pass away, you can use life insurance to settle debts, provide your family with an income, set up trusts for your children and more. It’s a valuable source of financial help. Beneficiaries can usually get the funds within weeks. These policies come in a couple of different forms.

  • Term policies: This life insurance only lasts for a certain number of years. You’ll select how long you want it to last when you sign up. You’ll only have to make premium payments during the term. However, you must renew the term as needed.
  • Whole life policies: These policies don’t have expiration dates. However, they are often more expensive, and might come with health examination requirements. Still, they might have additional benefits, like the ability to obtain cash value on your initial policy amount.

The sooner you enroll in life insurance, the more likely you are to receive favorable rates and perks on coverage. Our agents can help you determine which type of policy and benefits value will best suit you.

First-Rate Customer Service

At TVC Insurance, we understand that everyone has unique insurance needs, particularly when it comes to life and health coverage. As a nationwide company, we can help you shop and compare the policies of multiple insurers. Any choice you make will come with effective coverage at the lowest costs to you. In the end, it can go a long way towards helping you live a healthier, more secure life.

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