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Commercial trucking is a backbone of America’s interstate economy. So, for unmistakable reasons, truckers must see to the safety of their trucks, cargo, others on the road, and themselves. If problems occur, however, trucking insurance might prove valuable when controlling the damage.

Backed by a nationwide network of auto and trucking clubs, TVC Insurance caters to the unique needs of truckers everywhere. We’ll help companies and individual truckers enroll in the most effective, affordable policies on the market.

Our Policy Offerings

For trucks in your possession, you’ll likely need several types of insurance. Each policy element will work together to protect the driver, cargo and vehicle.

  • Liability Insurance: Protects you if you harm to someone else while you drive. It often comes in a couple of different forms.
    • Bodily injury coverage kicks in when you cause injuries to other drivers
    • Property damage coverage pays for property damage, such as to others’ vehicles
    • Non-trucking liability insurance can provide similar elements of coverage. However, it applies when truckers use the truck for personal use, not an official dispatch.
    • Bobtail insurance provides liability coverage when you drive your truck without the trailer attached.
  • Physical Damage Coverage: Pays for damage to your truck. It might cover wreck damage, or damage from hazards like falling branches, hail or fires.
  • Cargo Insurance: If something happens to your cargo, its loss can put more than just the trucker on the line. This coverage pays for losses to the cargo you carry.
  • General Liability Coverage: Trucking companies need this protection for business activities not related to driving. Remember, other operations could harm others.

The right coverage elements, as well as additional perks, will help you have the most protection when you hit the road. Still, determining which coverage you need might seem tricky. Here at TVC Insurance, we’ll help you settle on the appropriate policy, and all of our policies will meet any minimum insurance requirements set by the authorities or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The Experience and Network to Safeguard Your Coverage

We understand that truckers are a diverse group. Some work independently, others work for companies. They all carry different shipments that have different values to different people. This means that trucking insurance cannot be a one-size-fits-all marketplace.

The dedicated team at TVC Insurance will help all truckers find the coverage they need to keep themselves safe on the road. We have expertise in the trucking and auto club marketplace, so we know how to tailor your policy expressly to your needs. Rest assured that we will help you get a policy that meets your specific coverage and cost parameters.

We’re ready to help you get appropriate coverage. Request a free online quote right now, or call us at (844) 748-5675.

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